Orlando EB-5 Investments

Serving Tampa, Orlando and Central Florida

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We concentrate on offering EB-5 Investors safe, secure real estate investments meeting the requirements of the USCIS, including the job requirements.

Our business is focused on Central Florida. As the largest tourist destination in the world, Central Florida is ideal for real estate development and investment. ORC is uniquely positioned to utilize EB-5 investments to capture great projects in this market.

Our core competency is the analysis and evaluation of real estate projects. Real estate almost always serves as partial security for a project, whether for medical, hotels, manufacturing, assisted living, restaurants or any number of other categories.

The Board of CommerCenters, ORC’s manager, is composed of extremely experienced real estate developers, attorneys and brokers, with extensive experience in financing and development of real estate projects. Similarly, our advisors are some of the most notable in their professions, including investment bankers, EB-5 specialists and partners with other Regional Centers.

Combining our officers and directors experience, they have completed developments for investment purposes, on a third party basis and through joint ventures of over 12 million square feet of industrial and office properties and more than $400 million in residential real estate, including apartment and assisted living projects. Investor relationships include major domestic and international financial institutions, European and domestic individual investors and Fortune 500 companies.

Below we highlight some of the types of projects we are seeking and why we believe we have particular skills to assess and deliver those projects to the EB-5 Investor:

In association with American Dream Fund (ADF), two EB-5 hotel projects have been sold to EB-5 Investors:

The "W" Hotel project at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, in Hollywood, California with a total of 33 EB-5 investors and $16,500,000; and the SLS Casino & Hotel (formerly the Sahara Casino and Resort) in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a total of 300 EB-5 investors and $150,000,000, which at the time of sale was the single largest successful EB-5 Investor project.
The principals at ADF, their staff and consultants, together with ORC and its staff and real estate advisors and consultants constitute a very strong team for evaluation of hotels as EB-5 Projects.

Senior Housing, Assisted Living (ALF) and Memory Care (MC) Projects:
ORC is closely associated with a publicly traded company-LivingVentures, Inc. (Ticker: LIVV). LIVV is a fully integrated Assisted Living (ALF) and Memory Care (MC) Operator and Developer. LIVV’s management has overseen the management and development of over 50,000 units of ALF/MC. ORC’s management, in conjunction with LIVV’s management will analyze and evaluate ALF/MC projects for inclusion in the EB-5 program. ALF/MC projects are some of the most secure real estate related projects and offer unusually good exit strategies so that EB-5 Investors may be repaid.

Alternative Energy Projects:
Our management and advisors have spent the last three years familiarizing themselves with the Alternative Energy field. Our Joint Venture partner, SPEC and its staff are experts in the alternative energy field. SPEC will source projects, including Alternative Energy Projects for inclusion as an EB-5 Project. In conjunction with SPEC and also supported by relationships with one of the US’s leading contractors we are able to bring specialized evaluation of Alternative Energy Projects.

Orlando and Central Florida have some of the most advanced medical facilities in the US, in part due to the migration of retirees to the area. Our Board and staff have worked with Orlando Health Systems, one of Florida’s largest hospitals and research groups. We have worked closely with doctors and research teams devoted to dementia and brain trauma projects and thus have particular strength in the assessment of dementia and brain trauma projects. We have strong relationships within the medical community which provide us with the technical resources needed to evaluate any medical project.

Our team has been heavily involved in manufacturing, from brokering to building and operating manufacturing facilities. Our Chairman has served as a broker locating numerous manufacturing sites. Our Vice Chairman served as President of the largest pencil company in the world, Dixon Ticonderoga, with extensive manufacturing facilities both in the US, Mexico and China and and our President bought and operated manufacturing companies, including a rug manufacturer, a window manufacturer, a PVC pipe manufacturer and a boat manufacturer.             Type your paragraph here.